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I am a Nutritional Therapist, Menopause Coach and qualified Personal Trainer and I am passionate about empowering women to be healthy and take charge of their wellbeing

As a teen I contracted Hepatitis which damaged the way I digested fat in my diet, I spent the next 15 years suffering from daily heartburn and acid and constantly took antacids, until quite by accident I discovered the key to stop my daily discomfort…. DIET

How I ate cured my condition and sparked a thirst for more knowledge, so I decided to gain a Nutritional Therapy qualification in January 2011 so I could pass on my knowledge and help others, specifically women.

In 2018 I trained as a Personal Trainer to better help my clients….nutrition and exercise kind of go hand in hand!

Then in 2019 I turned 50 and my own menopause hit me from nowhere and made me realise how uneducated and ill prepared I was.

How did I not know what was coming? I decided to educate myself and make sure I was qualified to educate and coach other women by becoming a Certified Menopause Specialist

And it’s become a big passion for me to change the narrative and taboo around menopause and women’s health

My wish is for you to live your life Empowered


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Did You Know? The average age for peri-menopause in 43

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